Sunday, May 25, 2008

Suzan Pictures

Here are some cute pictures of Suzan...
Her with big eyes
Sticking out her tongue (silly girl!)And her sporting a smile (she's given me bigger smiles than this!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sleepy Heads!

Along with gym play time, we have the girls playing in the bouncers. But...sometimes they just get too tuckered out and fall asleep. And so this is what we end up with ;) ...

And you know every Mom HAS TO take pictures of their sweet, cute little babies sleeping :P



"Let's Hit the Gym!"

Okay, I should say "hit the play gyms" ;) We've started having "play" or "awake" time for the girls after they feed. So we pulled out the baby play gyms. Jared enjoyed playing under the gym when he was little ;) ...

So here are a few pictures of the girls playing.

Brielle, Suzan and Bethany (I believe Anna was already asleep in the crib)

Bethany and Suzan under one gym
A close-up of Brielle (don't know if you can tell in the pic or not, but she is lifting her head up. Go Brielle!!)

Suzan, just hanging out (and almost asleep, silly girl!)

And Bethany, playing with the rain cloud

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some things we've noticed about our girls - Part III

Part three of the series...

Bethany - she is the third baby born, "baby C," and like Anna is one of the identicals (still don't know who was who in-utero :P ). She was the biggest baby born and keeps it neck and neck with Anna in their weights. She, too, loves her food but doesn't make the grunts and snorts like Anna. Instead, you can hear her make loud "gulps" ;) She also gives us these sigh-kind-of cries that are very cute. Right now, Bethany has green big toe toenails...her toenail polish is still on and thanks to it, we can tell that "she is Bethany" ;) Both Bethany and Anna have a reddish brown hair color. It will be interesting to see what kind of hair and hair color they have growing up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

First Smiles

I think some of the girls are starting to smile, on purpose. I love it! Yesterday, Bethany smiled at me several times in a row and then today both Suzan and Anna smiled at me. Actually, Suzan smiled A LOT at me today. It was so cute! Brielle hasn't smiled at me yet but I am sure she'll do it soon.

Also, I believe it was last Thursday that Bethany rolled over several times, from tummy to back. I'm sure her big head provided some momentum ;)

It's so fun that the girls are starting to smile and roll over! Again, I LOVE the smiles!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Went well

The girls' appointment went well. We prepared ourselves beforehand, making sure we had our diaper bag packed and ready, our questions for the doc composed and printed, a plan to get out of the house and a plan for when we got back home. So this morning we fed the girls a bit early, at 8:00AM. I pumped and ate breakfast early, around 8:15AM. Then we packed them up in their car seats at 8:45AM, loaded them up in the big van and were on the road around 8:55AM. We got to the pediatrician around 9:15/9:20AM, so plenty of time to spare (appt at 9:30AM). Then we got home around 11:00AM, unloaded them from the van and car seats and fed them right away, ~11:00AM. Poor little girls! They were so exhausted from the doctor's visit and the shots. Oh, I have to add that we did not bring Jared with us. My mom watched and played with him while we were gone (thanks Mom!!).

The girls are nice and healthy!

First time out with all four girls

This morning, like in 20minutes, we are going out with all four girls for the first time. It's nothing special; we are taking them to the pediatrician. Three out of the four of them need shots (poor girls :( ) and so we might as well take the fourth girl with us. What's one more baby to bring ;) ?

Paul did take three of the girls to Phoenix Children's Hospital a while back. Thank goodness he didn't have to take them on his own. He had my mom go with him, as I was busy with the fourth baby and Jared.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do the girls look like Jared?

We've been getting a lot of folks asking us this question. To me, I don't think any of the girls look exactly like Jared, or at least what Jared looked like when he was a baby. Now maybe they will look like him or similar to him when they get older but who knows.
So you be the judge for yourself. Here is Jared a day or two after he was born (yes, he had a LOT of hair :P )...

Here he is at two months old...

And here he is about ten weeks old, or how old the girls are now...

You can look back to the Tummy Time post to see pictures of the girls. Have fun ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers out there! Hope you have a blessed (and restful) day!

Maria with (L to R) Suzan, Bethany, Brielle, Anna and Jared. A VERY full 2008 Mother's Day ;)

And a family pic...Maria, Suzan, Brielle, Jared, Paul, Bethany and Anna

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tummy Time!

Paul had them doing "tummy time" after eating this morning. So I thought I would take some pictures of the little ladies ;)

The girls (from left to right - Bethany, Anna, Brielle and Suzan)
That's a lotta babies! ;)

Suzan ("Dad! I'm tired of this!") :)

Brielle ("I'm just going to play dead.") ;)

Anna ("I'm still hungry, as usual. Maybe I'll just eat my hand here.") :P

Bethany ("I'm gonna keep an eye on my sisters!") :)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Peanut Butter Story

I had a funny conversation with Jared today while we were eating a mid-morning snack. I think I dug myself into a hole with the conversation. Paul agrees ;) Here it goes...

Jared, Paul and I are eating a snack of trail mix, that we purchased from Costco the other day. Somehow we start talking about peanut butter. I tell Jared "See these peanuts? You could make peanut butter out of them by squishing them." What does Jared do? He tries to make peanut butter by pinching the peanuts between his fingers. So then I tell the guy "Well Bud, you can't squish them with your fingers. You'd have to have a big and strong machine to squish them and make peanut butter." Jared then tells me "Mama, I have a good idea! Let's tell the post office guy to bring us a big, strong machine to squish the peanuts!" I respond with "Oh Jared, that kind of machine is very expensive and we don't have a lot of money to purchase one." I'm thinking "Okay, I think I got him there. End of story." Nope :P Jared tells me and Paul "Dad, I know. I have a lot of money in my lion bank downstairs. We can use my money to buy the big machine!" Oh great :P Jared also tells us "I will save all of my peanuts here so that we can make peanut butter with the big machine!" Paul and I tell him "We'll see Jared. I don't know if we will get a big peanut butter making machine." So then, just this afternoon, Paul sees a wadded up paper towel in the fridge. He asks me "What is this?" We look inside and see that it's all of those peanuts Jared is saving for the peanut butter making machine. Paul gives me one of those looks and I tell him "Great! What did I get us in to??" Ha!

Just had to share this cute little story involving our cute little boy :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some things we've noticed about our girls - Part II

Part two of the series...

Anna - she is the second baby born, "baby B," and is one of the identicals (either "baby A" or "baby B" in-utero, who knows). She is the second biggest girl and her and Bethany are pretty much the same weight. She loves her food and makes it known with her eating grunts and snorts :P We might call her "one of the big girls." Her cry sounds very similar to Bethany's, which is understandable since they are identical, yet is different than Suzan and Brielle's cries. But sometimes Mom can't tell if it's Anna crying or Bethany ;) We think we can tell Anna and Bethany apart because to us it looks like Anna has chubbier she snorts :P Oh, and Anna is the "middle child"...Jared, Suzan, Anna, Bethany and Brielle.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Our day - with two-month-old quads

Here is what a typical day, with two-month-old quads, looks like for us...

7:00AM - Paul wakes up via alarm. Maria is still sleeping. Usually Paul lets me sleep in. Thank you!! Jared is up and ready to tackle the day! Breakfast time for the boys.

8:30AM - Feed Suzan and Anna bottles of Neosure formula. Jared is usually watching "The Letter Factory," Word Girl or Clifford while the babies are being fed.
8:30AM - Maria gets up and pumps.

9:00AM - Feed Bethany and Brielle bottles of Neosure. Again, Paul feeds them. What a good man he is!
9:00AM - Maria usually eats breakfast by now and is getting Jared dressed and ready.

10:00AM - We have some time before the next feeding! Maybe put away dishes. Or wash, flip or fold laundry. Or go run to the store for some groceries or sundries. Or take a shower (usually what Maria does :P ). Or mow the lawn. Or make bottles of breastmilk for the day. Or take the time to play with Jared! Or sometimes the girls are not falling asleep and so we're busy consoling them. name it!

11:30AM - Time to feed, again. Give bottles of breastmilk to Suzan and Anna.

Noon - Time to feed, again. Maria nurses Bethany and Brielle.

12:30PM - Maria pumps. Perhaps Paul and Jared eat lunch.

1:00PM - Maria eats lunch.

1:30PM - An hour before the next feeding! What to See what we could have done at 10:00AM ;)

2:00PM - We try to get Jared down for a nap or quiet time by now. So get him napping before the next baby feeding...

2:30PM - Feeding time...again. Maria nurses Suzan and Anna.

3:00PM - Give bottles of breastmilk to Bethany and Brielle. Maria is busy pumping...again.

3:30PM - Nap time for Maria...maybe ;)

4:00PM or 4:30PM - Jared usually gets up from his nap by now. So Paul will try to spend some time with him, maybe playing outside. Try also to clean up around the house...put bottles away, put laundry away, etc.

5:30PM - Baby feeding time, again! Give bottles of breastmilk to Suzan and Anna. Maria gets up from her nap.

6:00PM - Maria nurses Bethany and Brielle.

6:30PM - Hopefully Paul and Jared eat dinner (dinner that was dropped off by generous friends or family! Yay!). Maria is busy pumping.

7:00PM - Maria eats dinner.

7:30PM - Let's take a break! Whew! Relax and play with Jared. Maybe give him a bath. Maybe play outside again (he loves riding his "big boy bike").

8:00PM - Tuck Jared in for bed, before the babies get fed.

8:30PM - Time to nurse again. Maria nurses Suzan and Anna.

9:00PM - Give bottles of breastmilk to Bethany and Brielle. Maria is pumping.

9:30PM - Clean up a bit again...putting away bottles, making bottles for the evening, etc.

10:00PM - Bedtime for Maria!

10:30PM - Bedtime for Paul!

11:30PM - Feed Suzan and Anna bottles of Neosure (thank goodness we have night help to feed the babies! Praise God!). Maria wakes up to her alarm to pump.

Midnight - Feed Bethany and Brielle bottles of Neosure (again, help from someone at night). Maria goes back to sleep.

2:30AM - Feed Suzan and Anna bottles of Neosure. Maria wakes up to her alarm to pump.

3:00AM - Feed Bethany and Brielle bottles of Neosure. Maria goes back to sleep.

5:30AM - Feed Suzan and Anna bottles of Neosure. Maria wakes up to her alarm to pump.

6:00AM - Feed Bethany and Brielle bottles of Neosure. Maria goes back to sleep (it feels weird to go back to sleep when the sun is up but sleep is GOOD!)

7:00AM - Time to repeat the day!

What has helped us A LOT in our days...having Paul at home with me (SO priceless!!), having volunteers from church, family and friends to help us out during the day (again, priceless!), meals dropped off to us from folks (really appreciate that!) and night help (Praise God for that!).

Sunday, May 04, 2008

2 months old

Today, the girls turn two months old! Or one week old, adjusted. Already?! They are so sweet and precious. We feel blessed that God entrusted them to us! Here are their stats...

Suzan -
8lbs 4oz
20.5" long (birth stats - 3lbs 13oz, 17")
Anna -
9lbs 13.5oz
20.25" long (4lb 3oz, 16")
Bethany -
9lbs 13oz
20.25" long (4lb 11oz, 16")
Brielle -
7lbs 9.5oz
20.5" long (3lb 9oz, 17")

Jared at two months old? ...16lbs 2oz, 25.5" long. Or him at birth? ...10lbs, 21.5" long. He's still our "big guy" :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Brielle is Home! Yay!!

Yes, for real! Brielle is finally home! Yay! Paul got a call from her doc the other day saying "so, do you want to come pick her up today or tomorrow?" Really?! So Paul picked her up from the NICU yesterday. Her docs said that her Bradycardia episodes got much better or are gone and that she could come home now. Praise God! It feels SO good to finally have her see her sleeping right next to have all four now. Ahhhh! I will say that we had quite the "groove" or routine going with three of them. Now with four, we're having an adjustment period :P But God will give us the strength and patience to endure and learn and we'll have a new "four" routine in place soon.

We'll have pics of Brielle and all four posted here soon!
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