Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're still waiting

We thought that today would be the day for Brielle to come home. Sadly, her doc called us this morning to say that she could not come home because she had a big Brady episode last evening. Apparently, she guzzled her food too quickly last evening, got "caught behind" in swallowing and as a result had her heart rate drop. And it was a big and long-lasting drop...AND she had to have the nurse vigorously stimulate her to get her heart rate back up. Poor, poor girl :( !! So with that, we totally understand why the docs want to watch her for the next couple of days. So we're still waiting...

The good news is I got to go down to the NICU this afternoon and see our little girl. She, again, is too cute :) And she nursed like a champ again - Yay! I took some pics of her (and her sisters). I hope to post them soon. You won't want to miss these pics ;)

Please keep praying for Brielle!


Anonymous said...

Poor little thing. Can she come home on a heart monitor that does that alarm? She must just love seeing you!!

Anonymous said...

Do they still think a dot of cereal to thicken the milk might help? It doesn't take much to help her get the feeling of a swallow of milk in her mouth and to swallow it before sucking more milk into her mouth? The sucking, swallowing and breathing process is quite complicated at first for these "little" ones. Does sitting her up more when she is eating help, a smaller hole in the nipple, so the milk won't come so easy to choke her?
So much for Grandma's concerns, love you little Brielle, you get double the prayers! Grandma C.

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