Friday, April 25, 2008

Some things we've noticed about our girls - Part I

Suzan - she is the first born, or "baby A," and (I'm pretty sure) was the baby "on the bottom." I remember her "tickling" me with her movements. In-utero she was labeled "baby C." It's funny how the docs relabel them at birth. She's the third biggest girl. She loves to wave her hands and arms around and in so doing, doesn't like to be swaddled tightly ;) She's a slow and quiet eater, unlike her young sisters :P She has a very distinct cry. It's a very short, yet loud, "whaa!" She usually has a "concerned" look on her face, with her eyebrows furrowed. Her hair has the coloring of Anna and Bethany's, like a reddish brown, and she has such long and beautiful eyelashes.

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Anonymous said...

Suzan will have to get together with cousin Kezia, as she did the same thing a lot when she was little. She studied everything very,very carefully! And she still is busy, busy, busy and a very smart little girl. I think it is just wild the three girls have reddish/brown hair and one dark brown/black hair. What color eyes are they showing or is it still too sooon to tell? Ah genetics. My Mom talked about black haired Scandinavians also being in the family,so there. I don't think I ever told you kids that. Anna's chubby cheeks, can't say she is a Gerber baby though. She's storing up for winter. A little pack rat, child after my heart!Love Grandma Carlson

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