Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Our four year old

Guess what we found Jared doing one evening, after bedtime? Well, apparently he was bored and didn't want to sleep. So he decided to get up, go into Paul's office, pull out a drawer from Paul's desk, grab some scissors and chop on his hair. What?!?! And he did it twice! (Paul put the first scissors up and away but didn't know he had another pair, a "kids" or safety pair, in another drawer) I can't believe Jared did this!! Well, we have seen that he is bored a bit, just hanging out at home with us. Plus, I bet he did this for attention, with the recent change of having babies everywhere in the house.

So here he is...

This afternoon he's getting a very short haircut/buzzcut from Mom ;)


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Or you could start a new trend and do the reverse mohawk...looks like he's halfway there. Gotta roll with the punches on times like these and there will be more I'm afraid with your little ladies oh in about 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Soooo stinking cute, save the pictures for when he is all grown up and thinks he is perfect! I am sure all children have cut their hair or someone else's at some time in their little life. My sister Chris cut my and my sister Sharon's hair when Mom laid down for a nap when we were little. Chris maybe 5, me 3 and Sharon 1? All we had left is a short braid on the top of our heads when Chris was done. I remember Mom was not too happy when she got up and us two little ones got a very short hair cut that afternoon. Jared is entirely NORMAL, he's THINKING. He can tell all the visitors about his doings. Maybe some home crafts where he can do something, I wonder if he misses his school where they cut, etc. Love you silly Jared! Grandma Carlson-PS hair grows back!

Candy said...

love that new style, yeah he did a good job :)
aunt candy

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