Friday, April 04, 2008

1 month old

The girls are one month old today. Here are their stats...

Suzan -
5lbs 14oz (birth weight was 3lb 13 oz)
Anna -
6lbs 9oz (birth weight was 4lb 3oz)
Bethany -
6lbs 14oz (birth weight was 4lb 11oz)
Brielle -
5lbs 7oz (birth weight was 3lb 9oz)

Also, Brielle got off of her feeding tube today. Oh my! Now, all we need is Anna and Brielle to stop having the Brady episodes in order to come home. Who knows, maybe they will both come home next week? Then, we will really have a full house ;)

Praising God for how awesome these girls are doing! It is all Him!!


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Those are amazing weights!! Way to go or should I say GROW girls.

The Stilwells said...

Praise God they are doing so well!!!

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