Saturday, April 26, 2008


I just had to post this tonight. Anna and Bethany are now on the other side of 9lbs. Anna weighs 9lbs 2oz and Bethany 9lbs 1 1/2oz. Crazy!! And to think they were just over 4lbs at birth a little over 7 weeks ago! How amazing! God is amazing in how He is growing these girls!!

BTW, Suzan weighs 7lbs 10 1/2oz and last I heard Brielle weighed 6lbs 9oz. Very cool!


Sweety hope said...

and the biggest are...the twins

it's the power of twins LOL
and what the news for Brielle ? we have no news since 1 week, when she will come home ?

Anonymous said...

WOW....taking after big brother I would say!!! They are just now about to be born right, so that would make for 9 to 10 pounds babies at birth. Crazy is right!

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

What good milk and lots of love will do to cutes like these. Just wait until "pancake" gets going and helps mom feed this hungry bunch for breakfast later on. Blueberrys and chocolate chips are kid favorites. Uff, just to think there could have been 36# of baby now with your history! Love Grandma C.

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