Monday, April 07, 2008

Eating well

All of the girls are eating and growing well. Paul and I just weighed Suzan and Bethany this morning. It's amazing and crazy...Bethany is now over 7lbs, at 7lbs 1/2oz!! And Suzan is over 6lbs, at 6lbs 1 1/2oz!! Yay! I am nursing them in the daytime and then they get their doctor-prescribed formula intake at the night feedings. They have to get formula, either straight-up formula or formula fortified breastmilk, for the extra calories. In any case, they must be eating well to be gaining all this weight. Yay girls! Oh, and Anna and Brielle are getting big too, at close to 7lbs and 6lbs, respectively.

All of this weight gain has been in the last month. That's amazing! Praise God for how well He is taking care of, and growing, them!

**and thank goodness my weight trend is the opposite of the girls ;) Somehow, I lost 70+lbs of my 85lb pregnancy weight in the hospital. It must've been all baby, placentas, blood volume and lots and lots of fluid. Now, only ~7lbs left...and a very wrinkly tummy ;)


Jen said...

Yeah for weight gain (and loss for you!). That's amazing you only have 7lbs to go, I've still got that to lose :oP ! So exciting. Praying that the other two little ones will be coming home soon! :O)

Jen Heptinstall

Anonymous said...

I wish I only had 7 pounds to lose from Evelyn. I gained about 40 with her. You must feel so light now! That's wonderful you are not fighting the extra weight.


Carol said...

Go Carlsons x 7!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol T.

Aimee said...

Just amazing!
Yay on the baby's weight gain and your weight loss! Keep up the great work of BFing, isn't it wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Wow ! It's fantastic ! You should put more pictures, we can't wait to see them !

Anonymous said...

The weight loss will come with nusing the baby/babies. Just some extra walking and keeping busy with the babies will take care of the extra weight. Breast feeding makes for smart children, so keep up the good work. The longer the better, the smarter the children. If possible a year at least for the most brain benifit for the baby according to baby DRs. The baby weight gains just shows how healthy they are! Love G. Carlson

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