Friday, April 25, 2008

Brielle Pictures

I'm sure lots of you are wondering "where are the pictures of Brielle??" ;) Well, I saw her again yesterday (Thursday) and was able to take some pics of the cutie little girl. they are :)

Her sleeping
Her giving me a funny face
Brielle looking too sweet - ah!

And then her in her "color," purple

I don't know if you can tell or not but Brielle definitely has her own look to her. She doesn't look like Anna and Bethany (the identicals) and she doesn't look like Suzan. She just looks like Brielle :) She does have darker hair, bigger eyes, a different nose and, from what I witnessed at the NICU, an expressive mouth. It's so fun to look at each of our girls and see how individual they are, even the identicals (btw, Anna has chubbier cheeks than Bethany :) ).

While at the NICU, I was able to hold and cuddle with Brielle (talking to her about how much we want her to get big and strong and come home!) and then change her clothes and diaper and nurse her (which she nursed AWESOME! Yay!!). We hope and pray that the Bradycardia goes away and that she can come home soon. We want her home!


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Oh goodie...some more beautiful pictures and some amazing time with Mommy. I'm sure she will be home soon now! ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little baby, we'll have to name her lady bug; small,cute but so busy. I am truly amazed she still nurses so well for you, considering she doesn't get to do it every day. I wonder if it's the mom's milk she still gets even when Maria isn't there, as they can smell the mother's milk, find the breast on their own often, she remembers yummm and nurses to her hearts content. Praise God! Her brady episodes will fade as her brain matures and she "bulks up", according to her mama. What a cure little button! Love Grandma Carlson

Carol said...

Wow.............another gorgious Carlson! Too cute!!!!!!!!! Go Brielle!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol T.

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