Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brielle, at 6 weeks old

Paul got to the NICU today to see Brielle. While there, he took her picture. She's getting big now! Praise God that she is better at gaining weight. Paul said she's now at 5lbs 15oz, which is great! Yay! Plus, she hasn't had any Brady episodes since April 13th. Double Yay! So if she keeps this up, she might be home soon :)

Here she is...isn't she a cutie ;)


Marilee said...

Cutie! She looks like a big girl with that cute onesie.

I'm sure I'm not the only one waiting to hear about how life is going with THREE (very soon to be FOUR) newborns in the Carlson Zone! What works for you guys? What tips to you already have to pass on? How are you sleeping? This is not easy, I'm sure. Way to go, Carlsons!

Jen said...

Praise God! So excited to meet these little girls. I'm trying to work out a day with my mom for her to watch Ahnica so I can come and help out. I'll get in touch with Kristi. :o)

Jen Hep.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute little button, she looks some like Grandpa Martin. I really believe you are right about Bethany and Anna being the identical twins now. Everyone here is so glad to hear the girls are gaining and healthy, they and us are so glad this bumpy, lumpy journey is seeing some rainbows now. I am going to make some receiving blankets in their colors. I better get to work, they'll need them before first grade! Love Grandma Carlson

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