Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who is home next?

Now that Bethany is home, Paul and I are looking at who will come home next. So far we have...
  • Suzan - the oldest but was one of the smallest babies born. She is without her feeding tube (yay! and has been w/o it for the last few days) and has been great at eating all of her full feeds via a bottle. The only thing keeping her in the NICU is she had an apnea episode (where she forgot to breathe, her heart rate and O2 saturations dropped and then required intervention) on Thursday evening. Because of that, she's due to stay in the NICU for several more days.
  • Anna - second oldest and one of the biggest babies born. She, too, is without her feeding tube and is eating a lot from a bottle. The thing keeping her in the NICU is her O2 saturation rates are below the 90 threshold. Her rates keep going to 88, 87 or below that. So, she is on a little bit of oxygen. Quick reminder...she was one baby that had lung issues and had to receive surfactin to help her lungs. So the NICU docs say her being on a little bit of O2 doesn't surprise them, especially given the lung issues she had at 1 day old. So, if she can get off of the O2, then she could be home.
  • Brielle - the youngest and smallest baby born. Her O2 is great. She still has some Brady episodes but self recovers. She has progressed so well with her feedings. She is eating a lot from a bottle, although not 100% of the time. That is why she still has her feeding tube. If she can get off the feeding tube, then she could be home soon.

So, who will it be? It appears that all of them are doing so well with their feedings that it's like they are saying "me! i'm next! i want to come home too!!" ;)

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The Kaylor Kastle said...

I can't wait..I finally get to see you guys on Sunday night when I bring you dinner! Is the 4-6pm time slot working for you guys???

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