Friday, March 14, 2008

A sweet gift

Today we received a very sweet and thoughtful gift from a friend's sister. It is a cookie bouquet, that she hand made herself. You'll notice that there is a cookie for each of our children...Jared has a bear, Brielle has her purple horse, Suzan has her yellow duck, Anna has her pink bunny and Bethany has her green sheep. How cute and thoughtful! Thank you Jan, Jaime and Ginny!!

Good thing I got a picture of it too because Jared woke up from his nap and said "mama, what is that?!?!" Of course he had to eat his bear cookie right away, after dinner ;)

We saw the girls again today. They are all doing very well. Bethany, Anna and Suzan are all off of their IV fluids. Brielle should get off of hers tomorrow, I believe. Paul and I tried to give Bethany, Anna and Suzan bottles again. I had Bethany and she did great...ate 10ml and then another 15ml. Suzan wasn't up for it and Anna ate a bit. It's difficult and tiring eating from a bottle. Plus, they are a week or two early to even attempt a bottle. Brielle, my sweet littlest one, is a few days behind the others. I pray that she continues to do well and speeds up to her sisters. We'll see all of the girls again tomorrow!


amy said...

that is a cute bouquet. it looked yummy...i can't blame jared for jumpin' at it! ;)

so glad that the girls are still doing so well and progressing. they are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Sweets for the sweet children. Glad Jared got a treat too, big brother is gong to need it soon. I can't get over all the cute hair the girls have! Maria and Paul will have fun putting bows, clips in the fine fuzz to play. Ok, maybe the tiny clips might be a bit much fpr Paul's big hands but he can play with them too.Love Grandma Carlson

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