Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1 week old

Yesterday, the girls turned one week old. They are all doing so well. We feel so blessed by God with them and with how well He is taking care of and growing them!! Here are some one week stats on them...

Suzan -
3lbs 12oz
17.375" long
Anna -
16" long
Bethany -
4lbs 6oz
17.75" long
Brielle -
3lbs 8oz
17" long

So it looks like they are almost back up to their birth weights. Yesterday, all but Brielle were off of the nasal cannulas and none of them had to be on the billirubin phototheraphy lights. They are all increasing their milk intake too. Wow! Again, God is doing so much for them! Praise God!!!!

Will try to post some pictures of them we took yesterday. They look so cute :)


Candy said...

photos we need photos!!! Aunt Candy

Nikki said...

Thanks for the update! So glad your girls are doing so well!

wallyworld said...

glad to hear the girls are doing well cant wait to see more pics

Anonymous said...

Happy 1 week birthday little ladies. Can't wait to see more pictures and I'll look forward to watching you grow when I see you for meal drop offs and possibly other days to help your Mommy and Daddy.

Amy K.

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