Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nursed Suzan and Bethany

Yesterday, I got to nurse two of the babies at the same time. Wow! Actually, it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought. Yes, it was difficult but Suzan and Bethany did great. I was told to latch on the baby needing more help first then latch the other, the one needing less help, last. So that's what I did, get Suzan to latch on first and then Bethany. Bethany gets a little frustrated that my milk doesn't start flowing right away like a bottle does, so she comes off from nursing a few times. But once she does get some milk, she stays put and keeps eating. She is not about to lose out on eating ;) Suzan, on the other hand, was more interested in watching her sister. Suzan was quite the looky-loo. HA! :) So, several times she would come off from nursing, look around, look at me, look at Bethany and just contemplate the meaning of life ;) Then, I'd try to get her to latch back on, which she would but then eat a bit and then come off again to only look around again. It was so funny to watch her :) The Lactation Consultant said "there are some multiples you'll find that just want to watch the others' eat. with the looky-loo you might need to pair her up with the same sister at each feeding, so that she "sees" the same thing/person each time." Ahhhh, okay.

So, it was fun feeding the two of them. I am so happy that now Bethany, Anna and Suzan know and have experienced nursing with me...and that they all know how to latch on and eat. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder as Suzan gets bigger, stronger and hungerier, she will be more interested in nursing and less looking. I'm wondering is the watching spell mean she is getting a little breather? How cool to be nursing both at the same time! Aunt Nanna would be so proud of you all! So nice to have your helper nurse with the specifics of feeding two at a time. I am so glad you kids went to this place to have your babies! Wisdom in skin! Mama will have to keep up on the fluids, rest and good food to keep the supply of milk coming. It will be amazing the calories you will need to eat to make all this good milk, yay for eating! The gassy foods might not agree with the kids though. Mine made funny faces when I had ate sourkrout. I just laughed at them. They would whimper but being hungry won out and they would nurse. Mean Mom. Keep up the good work . Love Grandma Carlson

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