Friday, March 21, 2008

Coming Home Soon!

Oh my, well we found out that Bethany is targeted to be discharged and sent home either this Monday (3/24) or Tuesday (3/25). What?!?! As it turns out, she has been doing SO very well and consistent at eating her feedings via a bottle that the doctor removed her feeding tube yesterday. Then, they watched her for 24 hours to see if she continued to eat and gain weight. Well, she took all of her bottles with no problems and is now 5lbs 8oz. What a great eater!! She's fast and efficient too :) They call her new feeding schedule "ad lib," or basically she eats whenever she wants and however much she wants. So with that, they think she'll be ready to come home. Oh my! Well, one baby we can handle. Now, her other sisters (Anna, Suzan and Brielle) have started eating from bottles really well. So who knows, they might come home late next week or so - ha! Here they come!! :)


Marilee said...

This. Is. Amazing!!! I'm so proud of those girls. Congratulations to you guys. It will be so fun to have them come home one or a few at a time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Baby coming home already! Is this 20 days and coming home! It must feel like Christmas coming very early! What a journey you two have been on and now the blessed reward of a healthy little pink getting ready to come home! What a miracle! It's such a good thing Maria breastfed big brother successfully in the past, that really helps nature to remember and Maria knows she does this well.It's going to take a lot of good food and fluids for little mama to keep up with her litle flock as best as possible. If at last things get low, there is always lutefisk from the blender. Hummmmm All my love Grandma Carlson

Jen said...

Praise God!!! It just only because of Him that these girls are doing so amazingly. I'm so excited for you guys. :o) Can't wait to meet the beautiful ladies. Happy Easter!

Jen Heptinstall

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