Thursday, March 06, 2008

By the Numbers

Probability of GGGG Quadruplets

In the USA, approximately 1050 boys are born for every 1000 girls born. The probability of any single baby being a girl is 1000 / (1000 + 1050) = .487. The probability of GGGG quadruplets is simply .487 X .487 X .487 X .487 = .056 or 5.6%.
CDC Sex Ratio Report

Averages for 32 Week Quadruplets

Average Birth Weight 3 lb 7 oz
Average NICU Stay 24.5 days
Average weeks gestation is 31.3 weeks
Mothers of Supertwins Statistics


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, did paul write this post or maria? I'm guessing paul!? Nice work, numbers man.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...Maria has been working on these numbers for the past several weeks or Paul pulled them out of his hat this morning. ;o)

Love the animals next to your little angels. Great idea!!

Let us know when you are up for visitors!

Amy K.

Holly Janeen said...

good job :)

they are beautiful... what a lucky family you are... so sweet are these little ladies!

(i am amy mckay/ richardson's kid sister... in case you were wondering)

Esteban said...

Yeah, but...what is the probablity of GGGG quads being born at 32.5 wks on a March 4? That's what I really want to know...

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