Friday, March 28, 2008

Bethany Is Home

Bethany is home with us now. She got discharged yesterday. We had her stay at the NICU an extra day, as she had dropped in weight the day or so before. That way, hopefully the extra day made her good and ready to come home. It did feel very weird, and sad, to leave the other girls there :( But as Paul said to me "they are in good hands and need to get the best of care before they come home." That's true.

So Bethany came home at 3weeks and 2 days old and at 5lbs 14oz. She's getting nursed, some formula or breast milk fortified with formula for her feedings here at home. She currently needs the extra calories from the formula, hence the supplements.

She's a cutie! We're happy and blessed that she is home. Now, the other three are in a race to see who comes home next. Suzan has her feeding tube out but had an apnea episode last evening that required intervention. Anna is eating well too and doesn't have her feeding tube. Although, her oxygen saturation rates have been low so she is receiving some extra oxygen. If she can get off the O2, then she could come home. Brielle has caught up to everyone and is eating almost all of her feedings via a bottle. No extra oxygen for her. She does have some Brady episodes (where her heartrate drops) but she self recovers. She could be home soon too. So as you see, they all want to come home to sister, big brother, Dad and Mom very soon ;)


Anonymous said...

What a little peanut!! I'm sure it was another bitter sweet moment bringing Bethany home and yet leaving the other littles. ;o( My heart and prayers are with you and as soon as I can get our house healthy, I will visit! Sophia has been home for 5 days with 103 degree fever. ;o((

Amy K.

Side by Side said...

Congratulations. Sounds like all the girls are doing well.

I am a fellow member of DSMOM and have so enjoyed reading your blog.

Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I bet it is hard to leave the 3 other squirts at the hospital. It sounds like in maybe a week you could be getting a pretty full house? In a month you won't be thinking about hospitals anymore. Won't that be a treat!

Thanks for keeping us updated. I'm still always looking for new pictures. I'm sure mom and dad check constantly too!

love, mary

Anonymous said...

Seeing her in her father's big hands reminds me of being in God's hands. So at peace, no worries. He's holding me close and that's all I need to know.
Love Mom Carlson

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