Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back Home

After 33 days in the hospital (and a 32+ weeks quad pregnancy), I am back home now. It is good to be home but also feels very surreal to be home from the hospital, especially without our four baby girls. Although, we hope to see them regularly, e.g. daily, at the NICU.

I really appreciate everyone's prayers and support! It means a lot to us!!

We'll keep everyone posted on how we and the four girls are doing.


Carol said...

So glad you are home! I'm sure the girls will be following shortly. You are AMAZING! Get some rest and give the girls (and Jared) a hug from the Tortorici Family.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your sweet time with Jared and Paul! I know it must have been bittersweet for you to be home and yet leaving your little girls.

Amy K.

Jen said...

Welcome home!!! We're so happy to hear how well everything is going, to your fast healing and to the wonderful strength God has given these precious girls. :o)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so wonderful and inspiring!

We are your distant cousins - Judy Byers son and daughter-in-law from Tulsa, OK. (Michael and Angela Byers).

Your girls are so precious, we hope to someday meet you all!

We will pray for the girls continued strength, and rest for you all.

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