Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4! Four! IV! Cuatro (spanish)! Dört (turkish)!

Jared turned four over the weekend. We still can't believe he is four. Where did the time go? Anyways...so amidst the craziness of us visiting the babies daily and us getting ready for them to come home, we had a little birthday party for Jared. All thanks to Paul, who organized the party. Jared asked for another "cars" racetrack cake. Our friend, Karen, made the cake herself...and did an AWESOME job with it. Thanks Karen!! It tasted yummy too :)

We had Grammy and Tyler come over and also a friend of Jared's from his preschool class, Eyan, and Eyan's parents. Unfortunately Jared's good buddies, Gracie and Ryan, couldn't join us as Ryan was sick :( We missed them!

There are more pictures of Jared's birthday party at our website, under "Jared" and "Jared's 4th Birthday Party."


Anonymous said...

What's the url for your website?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a nice birthday Jared, love aunt candy

Carol said...

Happy belated Birthday Jared! You are the best boy ever!!!!!

The Tortorici/Evans Family

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jared !
Do he have is 4 years old portrait taken ?

Anonymous said...

Happy 4! It's been a magical age here in our home and I know this next year will be crazy and fun!


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