Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1 Day Old

Suzan Faith

Brielle Grace

Bethany Hope

Anna Joy


JennGB (from HP) said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! What blessings. Praising God with you.

Anonymous said...

The girls look so peaceful even with all those tubes and wires. Thank you for the update on Maria and I'll be praying for her recovery.

Isaiah 40:11

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

I agree with our pastor, "Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!"
Love and kisses from Grandma and Grandpa Carlson

Aimee said...

Beautiful little ladies you got there!! I luv the pics. Praying.

Anonymous said...

they all have so much hair, they look wonderful. Praying

Lylia and Lyle

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