Saturday, March 29, 2008

Who is home next?

Now that Bethany is home, Paul and I are looking at who will come home next. So far we have...
  • Suzan - the oldest but was one of the smallest babies born. She is without her feeding tube (yay! and has been w/o it for the last few days) and has been great at eating all of her full feeds via a bottle. The only thing keeping her in the NICU is she had an apnea episode (where she forgot to breathe, her heart rate and O2 saturations dropped and then required intervention) on Thursday evening. Because of that, she's due to stay in the NICU for several more days.
  • Anna - second oldest and one of the biggest babies born. She, too, is without her feeding tube and is eating a lot from a bottle. The thing keeping her in the NICU is her O2 saturation rates are below the 90 threshold. Her rates keep going to 88, 87 or below that. So, she is on a little bit of oxygen. Quick reminder...she was one baby that had lung issues and had to receive surfactin to help her lungs. So the NICU docs say her being on a little bit of O2 doesn't surprise them, especially given the lung issues she had at 1 day old. So, if she can get off of the O2, then she could be home.
  • Brielle - the youngest and smallest baby born. Her O2 is great. She still has some Brady episodes but self recovers. She has progressed so well with her feedings. She is eating a lot from a bottle, although not 100% of the time. That is why she still has her feeding tube. If she can get off the feeding tube, then she could be home soon.

So, who will it be? It appears that all of them are doing so well with their feedings that it's like they are saying "me! i'm next! i want to come home too!!" ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Bethany Is Home

Bethany is home with us now. She got discharged yesterday. We had her stay at the NICU an extra day, as she had dropped in weight the day or so before. That way, hopefully the extra day made her good and ready to come home. It did feel very weird, and sad, to leave the other girls there :( But as Paul said to me "they are in good hands and need to get the best of care before they come home." That's true.

So Bethany came home at 3weeks and 2 days old and at 5lbs 14oz. She's getting nursed, some formula or breast milk fortified with formula for her feedings here at home. She currently needs the extra calories from the formula, hence the supplements.

She's a cutie! We're happy and blessed that she is home. Now, the other three are in a race to see who comes home next. Suzan has her feeding tube out but had an apnea episode last evening that required intervention. Anna is eating well too and doesn't have her feeding tube. Although, her oxygen saturation rates have been low so she is receiving some extra oxygen. If she can get off the O2, then she could come home. Brielle has caught up to everyone and is eating almost all of her feedings via a bottle. No extra oxygen for her. She does have some Brady episodes (where her heartrate drops) but she self recovers. She could be home soon too. So as you see, they all want to come home to sister, big brother, Dad and Mom very soon ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

4! Four! IV! Cuatro (spanish)! Dört (turkish)!

Jared turned four over the weekend. We still can't believe he is four. Where did the time go? amidst the craziness of us visiting the babies daily and us getting ready for them to come home, we had a little birthday party for Jared. All thanks to Paul, who organized the party. Jared asked for another "cars" racetrack cake. Our friend, Karen, made the cake herself...and did an AWESOME job with it. Thanks Karen!! It tasted yummy too :)

We had Grammy and Tyler come over and also a friend of Jared's from his preschool class, Eyan, and Eyan's parents. Unfortunately Jared's good buddies, Gracie and Ryan, couldn't join us as Ryan was sick :( We missed them!

There are more pictures of Jared's birthday party at our website, under "Jared" and "Jared's 4th Birthday Party."


Bethany should be coming home tomorrow, Wednesday (3/26)! We had to wait until Wednesday because we haven't taken our CPR class yet...and we really need to take it before someone gets discharged and comes home. So, we'll take the class tomorrow and then get her home. Yay!

Nursed Suzan and Bethany

Yesterday, I got to nurse two of the babies at the same time. Wow! Actually, it wasn't as overwhelming as I thought. Yes, it was difficult but Suzan and Bethany did great. I was told to latch on the baby needing more help first then latch the other, the one needing less help, last. So that's what I did, get Suzan to latch on first and then Bethany. Bethany gets a little frustrated that my milk doesn't start flowing right away like a bottle does, so she comes off from nursing a few times. But once she does get some milk, she stays put and keeps eating. She is not about to lose out on eating ;) Suzan, on the other hand, was more interested in watching her sister. Suzan was quite the looky-loo. HA! :) So, several times she would come off from nursing, look around, look at me, look at Bethany and just contemplate the meaning of life ;) Then, I'd try to get her to latch back on, which she would but then eat a bit and then come off again to only look around again. It was so funny to watch her :) The Lactation Consultant said "there are some multiples you'll find that just want to watch the others' eat. with the looky-loo you might need to pair her up with the same sister at each feeding, so that she "sees" the same thing/person each time." Ahhhh, okay.

So, it was fun feeding the two of them. I am so happy that now Bethany, Anna and Suzan know and have experienced nursing with me...and that they all know how to latch on and eat. Yay!

Friday, March 21, 2008


This afternoon I got to nurse some of the girls for the first time. Yay! First, I nursed Anna. I was worried at first, not ever nursing a preemie, but it went really well. It took a few times to get her to latch on but then she got it and started to eat. Yay! I'm so proud of her! Then, a few hours later I nursed her sister, Bethany. Bethany latched on right away and ate well too. Yay Yay!! The Lactation Specialist said "did you give birth to naturally-born breastfeeders?" Ha! She was so impressed by how well Anna and Bethany latched on and ate. Paul and I are impressed too ;)

Monday, I hope to try to feed both of them simultaneously. Wish me luck ;)

Coming Home Soon!

Oh my, well we found out that Bethany is targeted to be discharged and sent home either this Monday (3/24) or Tuesday (3/25). What?!?! As it turns out, she has been doing SO very well and consistent at eating her feedings via a bottle that the doctor removed her feeding tube yesterday. Then, they watched her for 24 hours to see if she continued to eat and gain weight. Well, she took all of her bottles with no problems and is now 5lbs 8oz. What a great eater!! She's fast and efficient too :) They call her new feeding schedule "ad lib," or basically she eats whenever she wants and however much she wants. So with that, they think she'll be ready to come home. Oh my! Well, one baby we can handle. Now, her other sisters (Anna, Suzan and Brielle) have started eating from bottles really well. So who knows, they might come home late next week or so - ha! Here they come!! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2 weeks old

The girls are two weeks old today. They are still doing wonderful. We praise God for how great and amazing and faithful He is in taking care of our girls!! As of now...
  • Bethany and Anna have been moved to "big girl beds" in the NICU.
  • Bethany, Anna and Suzan have been changed to the "continued care" status versus "NICU" status. I think that means that they require less intervention and are more just eatin', sleepin', poopin' and growin' :) Yay! Brielle is still on "NICU" status but that is okay. She'll probably catch up here in a bit.
  • All four girls are off of the TPN IVs. Yay! Now, they just eat breastmilk and/or formula every 3 hours.
  • All of them are regulating their body temperature themselves, which means they don't need an automatic temperature adjustment in their cribs.
  • All of them are attempting to eat from the nipple. They can eat from a bottle if they "look interested," e.g. rooting around, tongue sticking out, mouth opening.
  • Bethany and Anna are actually eating their full feedings from a bottle, versus 10cc or 15cc at a time. Wow! They'll soon be home!

Here are the two week stats on them...

Suzan -
4lbs 4oz
18.5" long
Anna -
4lbs 8oz
17.5" long
Bethany -
5lbs 1oz
19" long
Brielle -
3lbs 15oz
17" long

And here are some two week pictures :)

Anna, after Mama gave her some yummy milk

Anna's big girl NICU bed

Brielle, getting ready for some yummy milk

Suzan, sleeping during her feeding (silly girl)

Bethany's big girl NICU bed

Dad feeding Bethany

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Brielle, trying to get some shuteye

Brielle, looking cute sleeping with her arm covering her face. Awe!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time with Dad and Mom

Today, all of the girls spent some time with us. Paul attempted to bottle feed Bethany, Suzan and Anna. I believe Anna was the only one who ate for him. Then, I got to have some quality cuddle time with Brielle. It was good!!

Pictures...of Paul feeding Suzan and a closeup of Suzan

And of Brielle with Mama

Friday, March 14, 2008

A sweet gift

Today we received a very sweet and thoughtful gift from a friend's sister. It is a cookie bouquet, that she hand made herself. You'll notice that there is a cookie for each of our children...Jared has a bear, Brielle has her purple horse, Suzan has her yellow duck, Anna has her pink bunny and Bethany has her green sheep. How cute and thoughtful! Thank you Jan, Jaime and Ginny!!

Good thing I got a picture of it too because Jared woke up from his nap and said "mama, what is that?!?!" Of course he had to eat his bear cookie right away, after dinner ;)

We saw the girls again today. They are all doing very well. Bethany, Anna and Suzan are all off of their IV fluids. Brielle should get off of hers tomorrow, I believe. Paul and I tried to give Bethany, Anna and Suzan bottles again. I had Bethany and she did great...ate 10ml and then another 15ml. Suzan wasn't up for it and Anna ate a bit. It's difficult and tiring eating from a bottle. Plus, they are a week or two early to even attempt a bottle. Brielle, my sweet littlest one, is a few days behind the others. I pray that she continues to do well and speeds up to her sisters. We'll see all of the girls again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pictures of the girls at one week old

Okay, here are some pictures of the girls...


Anna and Brielle's room at the NICU


Bethany (she's awake!)

Suzan and Bethany's room at the NICU

They are all doing so well! In fact, a few of them (Suzan and Bethany, that I know of) have attempted to eat from bottles already! The nurses said that the babies can take one bottle per shift. That's about all that they can handle, as they get so tired and expend so much energy eating from a bottle. But in the next week or two (33 or 34 weeks adjusted), they might be up to eat more frequently from a bottle.

We are so proud of the girls and feel so blessed by how well they are doing! Praise God!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

1 week old

Yesterday, the girls turned one week old. They are all doing so well. We feel so blessed by God with them and with how well He is taking care of and growing them!! Here are some one week stats on them...

Suzan -
3lbs 12oz
17.375" long
Anna -
16" long
Bethany -
4lbs 6oz
17.75" long
Brielle -
3lbs 8oz
17" long

So it looks like they are almost back up to their birth weights. Yesterday, all but Brielle were off of the nasal cannulas and none of them had to be on the billirubin phototheraphy lights. They are all increasing their milk intake too. Wow! Again, God is doing so much for them! Praise God!!!!

Will try to post some pictures of them we took yesterday. They look so cute :)

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back Home

After 33 days in the hospital (and a 32+ weeks quad pregnancy), I am back home now. It is good to be home but also feels very surreal to be home from the hospital, especially without our four baby girls. Although, we hope to see them regularly, e.g. daily, at the NICU.

I really appreciate everyone's prayers and support! It means a lot to us!!

We'll keep everyone posted on how we and the four girls are doing.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mom's coming home

Maria is coming home tomorrow to a bit of a surprise. We were blessed with another quiet day in the NICU.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Today was a good day in the NICU and the hospital. Two girls no longer need any help breathing and one girl is using only a nasal cannula. Mom is feeling much better and spent several hours in the NICU with her baby girls.

Bethany celebrated by putting on her best dress!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

By the Numbers

Probability of GGGG Quadruplets

In the USA, approximately 1050 boys are born for every 1000 girls born. The probability of any single baby being a girl is 1000 / (1000 + 1050) = .487. The probability of GGGG quadruplets is simply .487 X .487 X .487 X .487 = .056 or 5.6%.
CDC Sex Ratio Report

Averages for 32 Week Quadruplets

Average Birth Weight 3 lb 7 oz
Average NICU Stay 24.5 days
Average weeks gestation is 31.3 weeks
Mothers of Supertwins Statistics

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

1 Day Old

Suzan Faith

Brielle Grace

Bethany Hope

Anna Joy


We received the blood types for all of the girls, and we have two pairs! Combined with the last ultrasound weights, we think baby A & D are the identical twins. With those details, we have names:

Birth Order
Incubator Color and Friend
Blood Type

Suzan Faith
Baby A
Yellow / Duck

Anna Joy
Baby B
Pink / Bunny

Bethany Hope
Baby C
Green / Lamb

Brielle Grace
Baby D
Purple / Horse

Once we get settled in at home, we will pay to have DNA testing done with all four girls to clearly identify the identical and fraternal twins.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The girls are here!

Our girls were born this morning!

We have two names for the identicals and two names for the fraternals, but we do not know which babies are the identicals and which babies are the fraternals. We hope to match names with babies later today.

The baby A, B, C, D designations are now based on birth order which is not related to the prior A,B,C,D designations.

Baby A - 3lb 13 oz - 17"

Baby B - 4lb 3oz - 16"

Baby C - 4lb 11oz

Baby D - 3lb 9oz - 17"

Monday, March 03, 2008

Moved and on Mag again

A quick post...well, Dr. Strong, the PPA attending doc, didn't like the way I looked this morning. He said my reflexes were too brisk, I had too much edema or fluid retention (I've lost my ankles :( ) and some of my PIH labs are going up. In other words, the preeclampsia is rearing its ugly head. Soooo, with that he moved me from antepartum to ancillary or next to labor and delivery and the OR rooms. He said "that way we can monitor you 24x7 now and react fast." Plus, he put me back on an IV of Magnesium Sulfate (2g/hr) for the preeclampsia.

So, that's where I'm at. Now, we wait and the preeclampsia progresses, how it affects my body and how it affects the babies. I did see the girls today, for my daily heart tone ultrasound, and they were quite wiggly, just like Big Brother - ha! It's good to see they are doing well.

We'll keep everyone posted!
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