Monday, February 18, 2008

Still Here

Yup, I'm still here in antepartum at Good Sam. I've been two weeks here already. My daily blood work and tests still show that everything is good, which is good and means extra days for the babies in utero. My biophysical profile ultrasounds show the girls doing well...breathing on their own, good heart tones, plenty of amniotic fluids and lots and lots of baby movement ;)

My PUPPP itchiness is still here, even though I've taken oral steroids and topical creams. It's all over my body now too; not just limited to my belly. Oh well. I just pray that God gives me the self-control to not itch myself to death.

The other thing I have developed is an ear infection. What? Aren't little ones the only ones who get these? So, I am on antibiotics for that. I think I also developed a sore throat with the ear infection.

And poor Paul and Jared aren't feeling well either. Jared has a runny nose and Paul has a cold and a toe infection. Man oh man! I haven't seen them lately because they're sick.

Please continue to pray for us, especially with the recent health issues/colds/bugs that have popped up. Continue to pray for God's endurance and strength on me as we wait to see when these ladies will be born. Pray for rest for Paul and Jared.


Dawn said...

I hope you guys get over your bugs fast! That's no fun at all!!! Poor Jared. Hugs and Kisses to him.

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone feels better soon!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry everyone is sick! :o( I'll be praying for you guys. I'm sure it's hard not being able to see Paul and Jared.

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