Monday, February 25, 2008

Some cute things for the girls

We've been so blessed by so many friends and family giving us/sending us things for the girls. I don't know what we'd do without everyone's generosity.

Here are a few pics of some items we recently received for the girls. We received four quilts made by a friend of my Aunt Candy. How sweet of this woman to do this for us! Each quilt is its own color, e.g. pink, green, purple, yellow, and each one has nine patches that has a ballet girl embroidered on the patch. They are too cute! There are more pictures of the quilts at our website, under "The Quads" and "Third Trimester."

An overview of the purple quilt

And a closeup of one of the patches on the pink quilt

Then we received preemie hats for the girls. We're going to try to "color code" each girl, e.g. one wears the pink hat, another the sage, etc., etc. The hats seem so tiny.


Anonymous said...

Those hats are just divine! The quilts look beautiful too!!!! I can't wait to meet this little girls.


Anonymous said...

So cute. I am planning on coming to visit you on Wednesday morning to do your toesies!!!

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

So cute to see the different colors. I'm wondering are you going to paint the toenails the matching colors for a while until you know which girl is who?
Love Grandma Carlson

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