Friday, February 15, 2008

So far, so good

Tonight is my 10th night staying here in the hospital. So far, so good. My daily blood work keeps coming back normal so that has been good. We've been able to gain several days for the babies with everything looking normal. I still have hyperreflexia and my blood pressure has been okay, sometimes in the 130s/70 and others where it's 140s or 150s/70. I'm still on Magnesium Sulfate, e.g. a low dose (2g/hr) for preeclamptic moms, and still no adverse side effects from the drug. Yay! Still no visual spots or blurriness. No severe headaches. No epigastric, or liver, pain. No pre-term labor. So again, so far, so good!

The babies are still doing well, kicking and playing around with each other. Ha! It's fun to see them on the ultrasounds. Although, I can't lie down on my back for the ultrasounds for very long. My poor body is now carrying ~70lbs of pregnancy weight. Uff! Just getting up or rolling around in the hospital bed hurts. Thank goodness the nurses were kind enough to generously pad my bed and install a trapeze overhead. The trapeze helps me use my arms/hands to pull myself up and out of bed. Otherwise, I'd probably roll off the bed and right onto the floor. Oooo, that would hurt ;)

My PPA docs say their target for me is to make it to 32 weeks, or around 3/5/08. I don't know why they wouldn't let me go past that, even if the daily bloodwork/etc. looks good. It's probably just because of the extreme amounts of protein and the severity of the preeclampsia. And who knows, we might not make it to 32 weeks anyways. Something could pop up tomorrow or the next and we'd have to deliver that day. In any case, we just take it one day at a time and I say to myself "well, we got an extra day for the babies today."

That's today's update. We will try to continue to keep everyone up to date with the latest :)


Nikki said...

So glad you updated! We thought you had those babies and didn't know what was going on. Good to hear that things are going okay and that the babies have a little more time to grow and become stronger. You're in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good job of carrying those girls!

Anonymous said...

Hi again! WOW, 70 pounds is excellent!!! Especially with 4 babies.. Did you know that I gained 70 pounds with JUST LITTLE KELLEN! Yikes! And that started just 9 months after I had Morgan-with whom I gained 50 pounds! It sounds like a lot but chasing after 4 little ones and Jared will help the weight melt right off you! Keep up the good work! NCC

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating, you had us scared, I had to call Wes last night to see if anything was wrong. but he said you are okay and had updated, so I had to run to the computor and read your update!!!!!!

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