Sunday, February 10, 2008

Now it's severe preeclampsia

Well, it's unfortunate to say this but I am now considered a "severely preeclamptic" patient. The docs here in the hospital ran another 24-hour urine test and the results came back very, very high. Just to compare, my first 24-hour test, a week ago, showed protein levels of 695mg. Now, the most recent 24-hour test showed protein levels of 5000mg+, or 5g+. Yikes! That's why the nurses woke me up at 3:00AM today and said "your labs came back extremely high. now, you are considered severe and we'll have to put you on Magnesium Sulfate." Great - blech!

So currently, I have an IV pump of Mag at 2g/hour. Usually they give Mag to pregnant women for pre-term labor. However, they also have found that it's good to give it to patients to treat the symptoms of preeclampsia. So no, the Mag won't "cure" the preeclampsia. The only "cure" for preeclampsia is delivery :( My severe preeclampsia will still continue to progress (I'm praying it won't progress as fast though!). The Mag is used so that I won't have any seizures or convulsions, which can occur.

My docs are also running blood work on my liver, platletes and kidneys, as they too are affected by preeclampsia. So far, the results have been good or just a bit over the upper limit. High blood pressure is another symptom of preeclampsia but mine has been just a tad high. So that is good. No visual spots or blurry vision. No severe headaches. No epigastric pain (or pain where my liver is). My reflexes are very over responsive, which is another sign of preeclampsia. It is called hyperreflexia. The docs can just barely flick their fingers at my knees and my legs twitch in response.

I will tell you that this is scary. But I am trusting in the Lord and that my Protector is taking care of me and the babies! The babies are still doing well. I had another ultrasound today, to check 1) their breathing, 2) their heart tones, 3) their amniotic fluid levels and 4) their movement. They all passed with flying colors!

So now we wait. The PPA on-call doc today said he doesn't figure I will make it to 32 weeks (or ~ 3/1/08), with this preeclampsia. Delivery might happen sooner than we expected, e.g. possibly in the next few days or one or two weeks - it depends. But Paul is optimistic and thinks I can make it longer :)

Please pray for my health, as this severe preeclampsia is very, very serious. No one likes to talk or hear about seizures! Pray that God would continue to hold my body together and protect it. I know He can do it! Pray for the babies, that they continue to be protected from this and grow big, big, big. Pray for Paul as I know hearing this stuff probably makes him nervous. Pray for Jared in coming to and from the hospital daily and seeing Mom hooked up to an IV and a bit drowsy from the Mag.

We praise God for the blessings he has given to us with these four girls! We praise Him that He loves and knows us (and the babies, even before they were ever formed) and that we love and know Him. We praise Him that he listens to all of our prayers and that He has a good and perfect plan for us.

Thanks for reading and praying for us!


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with ALL of you!!!

Lylia and Lyle

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and your family.


Anonymous said...

I dedicated my morning quiet time to you and your little ladies. I am hoping to come visit you this coming Friday and I only want to see YOU..not the babies! ;o)

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

We are praying feverishly for those babies to stay put a little longer and for God to keep your body strong!!!! Please let us know if you need anything.

Jen and Russ Heptinstall

Anonymous said...

It was nice talking with you today, Maria. Please keep us posted. I check your site several times a day for updates.


Anonymous said...

We have been thinking about you lately! As a matter of fact, my mother in law just finished making some cute little bibs... Well, 8 of them! And I bought the cutest little bows today because I know each bebe girl will probably have a ton of hair just like Jared did! So stay strong and patient and tell those girls they need to stay put for a few more weeks! Thanks for the updates, we too check your site each night!! Take care! Love, Jeff, Nicole, Morgan Lynn and Kellen...

Aimee said...


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