Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No more Mag

My doctors think I am doing so well, e.g. my daily blood work comes back normal every time, that they've decided to take me off of my IV of Magnesium Sulfate. I think in the beginning they thought my preeclampsia was going to take off like a rocket and so that's why the Mag and the daily blood work. Well, now it looks like the preeclampsia is holding steady and not getting worse overnight. With that, no more Mag; although I do have an IV site in my arm just in case they need to hook me back up to it. They've also decreased the frequency of my blood work from daily to 2x a week and changed my biophysical profile ultrasounds from every 3 days to once a week.

It's crazy that last week we thought the preeclampsia was going to take off and I was going to delivery within days. Now, I think God is holding back the preeclampsia and giving us some extra time for the babies. My docs did say that preeclampsia can go two ways - either very fast or progress slow. Guess I got the slow kind ;) And that's good for the babies...more time spent with Mama versus a NICU incubator.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo!!! You again are such a walking God thing and I'm sure your doctors MUST see the difference!! Check out my blog to see what happened yesterday to my little Sadie...what a day is all I can say!

Do you need your toes painted??? I'll come soak your feet and give you a pedicure tomorrow if you want!

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful that you are back in for the long haul. It was sounding scary last week, so it is a relief to read about how great you are doing.

I need a pedicure friend like Amy! Anyone can come and soak my feet anytime. You mean Paul does not do this for you? Almost as likely as John doing that.


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