Friday, February 29, 2008

No Leaplings

Yup, no baby leaplings to be born today. I know Paul is disappointed (ha! :P ). So it definitely looks like we're having March babies.

And talking to Dr. Elliot today, he said PPA is actually shooting for a delivery goal of 34 weeks. Ufff! 32 is great but it's more of a milestone. At 32 weeks the blood vessels in the babies (I think in their brains) develop the muscle sheathing they need. Otherwise, babies could be at risk for brain bleeding due to not having this sheathing developed.

So, I pray and pray and pray that God will continue to give me His strength in carrying these babies. I've now gained my 80lb goal (ufff!) and with that my joints, feet, legs and muscles are so sore. I can barely walk around my room. My preeclampsia is also on the rise, although a very slow rise. I think some of my weight gain the last few days is water retention, which is a symptom of preeclampsia. And with water retention comes edema, or for me pitted edema in my calves and ankles. So again with all of these limitations, I pray that God would continue to help my body and help give me patience in all this. I still know that all of this, all that I can endure, is better for the girls. They'd like to spend more time with Mom versus the NICU incubators :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, the day is not over yet Maria!! Anyhow, 34 weeks and these babies would spend minimal time in the NICU..that would be such a blessing for all of you. It's hard to bond to your baby through plastic. ;o( Hang in there and I hope to come see you Monday..Todd is off and so he can watch the girls.


Anonymous said...

keep up the good works!


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