Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Yes, we finally have names (8 total :P ) for our quad girls. Paul and I came up with the first names and then we asked some close friends and family for help with the middle names. Thanks Amy K for the middles!

Here they are:

Brielle Grace (Baby A, one of the identicals)
Suzan Faith (Baby B, the other identical)
Bethany Hope (Baby C, one of the fraternals - she's the one that's VERY low)
Anna Joy (Baby D, the other fraternal - she's at the top and has been the "runt")

It will be fun meeting these ladies :)


Jen said...

Beautiful names! :o)


Anonymous said...

those are some beautiful names! It is fun that the cousins will share some middle names. Kezia JOY and Evelyn FAITH. I had to stop for a minute and remember what my girls' middle names were. I really love the name Anna, but we already had a Gunderson cousin with that name.


Aimee said...

Oh, I love the names -so pretty for pretty little ladies!! I luv the spelling for Suzan, very cool.

Nikki said...

So exciting to hear the names you picked out! I'm with Mary on the Anna ... I love that name but my niece is Hannah so that's too close for me. I hope everything goes good for you in the next few days ... hopefully weeks ... until the little girls are born. Lylia and I will be done there in May so we can't wait to meet them all!

Anonymous said...

We love the names you and Paul chose for the baby girls! We are praying for you all and love you!

the Henrys

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