Thursday, February 28, 2008

Latest Baby Weights

Okay, here are the latest weights (today at 31w5d)...

Baby A (identical, on the right side) - 3 lbs 8oz
Baby B (other identical, on the right side) - 3lbs 11oz
Baby C (fraternal, squished at the bottom) - 4lbs 3oz
Baby D (other fraternal, on the very top, off to the left side) - 4lbs 1 oz

I'm not too confident in these measurements because I know the ultrasound tech had the hardest time getting a good view of the heads, abdomens and femurs. Now why would she have trouble seeing everyone? Ha! :P I know she didn't get a measurement on Baby C's head, Baby B was lying weird so the head might be off and then Baby D's femur was hiding on the tech. Plus, the identicals have consistently been measuring the biggest. So how can they all of a sudden be measuring the smallest? In any case, even if they are all close to 4lbs then that's a LOT of babies!

Someone asked me when I'd have another growth ultrasound. Well, they only do them every 3 weeks. So unless God can miraculously keep my body steady for 3 more weeks then that means the next weight measurements will be on the NICU scales :)

The end is nearing, I know it. I figure delivery will be in the next week or two. So those of you that voted for a February delivery, sorry. Not going to happen :) I'm guessing we'll have all, five, March babies.


Anonymous said...

Yowza!!! That is a whole lot of baby and I know you can't wait to have your body back, but if you go a whole other week they could gain up to another pound and almost avoid the NICU all together. Now that would be the miracles of miracles. ;o)

Amy K.
p.s. Sadie is still pretty sick and I don't want to risk exposing you to any bugs that I too may be carrying. ;o(

Aimee said...

You are doing awesome!! Praise God.

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!! March sounds like a great birthday month to me! Plus, they will arrive before Jared's birthday so all five kids will have special birthdays of their own.

Hang in there!!!!!


The Stilwells said...

Wow, God is amazing allowing you to come this far. And those are some great sized quads. Continuing to pray for health and peace as their birthday comes closer.

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