Saturday, February 23, 2008

I finally met the Quad god!

Okay, I know that sounds funny but Dr. Elliot, one of PPA's docs, came by to see me during his rounds this morning. I had to say "aren't you Dr. Elliot?" He said "yes I am." Hee hee ;) He is one of the founding partners of PPA, is always in the news delivering some high order multiple pregnancy here and is a well-known medical researcher and author in regards to treating and caring for high-risk pregnancy patients, especially high order multiples. Folks call him the "quad god." So it was a bit fun to finally me the man. I joked with Paul saying "hey, maybe we should deliver today? Dr. Elliot is here!" Ha!

All of PPA's doctors have been great. So far I've also met...Dr. Bowen, Dr. Clewell, Dr. Edwards, Dr. Gandhi, Dr. Lam, Dr. Lin, Dr. Manogura, Dr. Oh, Dr. Sawai, Dr. Strong and Dr. Wolfson (he's the ultrasound doc at the office).

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