Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Tour of the Hospital

First, I want to thank everyone who is caring and praying for us and Baby A! It really means a lot. I do feel the prayers because I believe God has quieted my spirit and worries a bit.

On another topic, we got to take a tour of Good Sam Hospital this weekend. Okay, so it wasn't a "tour" per se. As it turns out, I had to go in to the hospital (at 25 weeks) for the first time. It was so weird. Here is what happened...

Saturday, 1/12/08
- I felt totally fine the entire day
- 6:00PM we ate dinner
- 6:30PM I did my 1 hour contraction session
- 8:00PM Matria reviewed my results and said that I had 4 contractions, but it wasn't anything to be concerned about. I did confess that I didn't drink my H2O for the day (whoops!) and they said "that could be the reason for the slight increase in contractions. "
- ~8:20PM I guzzled a bunch of water to compensate for the lack of consumption that day. I immediately started to feel uncomfortable.
- 8:45PM to ~10:45PM we watched a movie from our Netflix queue
- ~11PM I had strong cramps in my belly that radiated to my back (that's not good). I thought for sure it was something stomach related versus uterine related.
- 11:30PM we went to bed
Sunday, 1/13/08
- ~Midnight I couldn't sleep due to the cramps so I stayed up a bit, watching TV and praying that the cramps would go away
- 1:30AM to 2:30AM I decided to put on my contraction monitor again. Matria called and said that I still had 4 contractions and lots of uterine irritability. They recommended drinking more water and to re-monitor.
- 3:00AM I called PPA's on-call nurse for advice. She said "go into the hospital, just to be checked out and be on the safe side."
- 3:15AM I tried to let my body take it easy, hoping the belly cramps would subside or go away. Nope. I then felt very sick and unfortunately vomited quite a bit. Blech! (again, not a good sign)
- 3:30AM Paul woke up and I told him "we have to go to the hospital now." He and Jared got ready to go.
- 4:20AM we arrived to Good Sam and were admitted to OB Triage. They put me on a contraction monitor that showed quite a bit of uterine irritability or lots of little contractions, maybe 6 in an hour.
- 4:45AM the nurse talked to PPA's on-call doctor at the hospital (which is why we want to go to Good Sam, PPA has excellent coverage there!) about me. The doctor said to: give me .25mg of Terbutaline, to physically check my cervix, run a Fetal Fibronectin Test (FFN) and take me to the ultrasound to check the cervical length. Oh the Terbutaline! That stuff is really nasty - blech, blech! Somehow it calms down the uterus but it also raises your heart rate (I think my was around the 120s or 130s for quite a while) and makes you very shaky/anxious. Yuck!
- The Terbutaline helped the contractions lessen and helped with the belly cramps a bit. The checks on my cervix came back great - Yay! We also saw that all of the babies' heart rates were in normal ranges. Double Yay! The FFN test came back negative so that is another huge blessing. A negative means that I won't go into labor for the next 2 weeks.
- ~6:30AM my contractions were still occurring but not as noticeable. The PPA on-call doctor said he would give me more Terbutaline but my heart rate was too high still. So instead, I got a lovely shot of Toradol (or a high dose of Motrin/ibuprofen).
- 8:00AM the contractions were very less or gone. My cramps also got better. Woo hoo!
- 9:00AM I got released! Yay!! The PPA doctor on-call came by to check on me. He said that I don't need drugs for any possible contractions, as the FFN test and cervical checks came out with good news. I did ask the PPA doctor about what about the belly/stomach cramps and what to do if they come back. He said I probably have some stomach bug (again?? I just had this two weeks ago - although, Jared's tummy has been acting up recently so maybe he's sharing with me) or an intestinal issue. He said "don't hesitate to call the on-call nurse, tell them what happened and we can see about helping you out, perhaps with some anti-nausea meds."
- ~9:30AM or 10:00AM we arrive back home. Yay!! Our bed is SO much nicer that the narrow and uncomfortable beds in OB Triage ;) Jared and I crashed for a few hours and Paul needs to go to bed early.

What an eventful late night/early morning we had!! I am so glad Paul is here to help us out! What would I do without him?! Jared was an angel too. Really. He played and flirted with the OB Triage nurse and in doing so, scored himself some apple juice and several packages of graham crackers. He was also so nice and attentive to his ailing mother, taking my mind off things by trying to find at least one car on the road at 3:30AM, telling me "we're almost to the hospital mom. don't worry" and hugging my arms/hands while I was stuck in the hospital bed. So sweet and caring!

Some things I learned are: don't hesitate to go to the hospital (especially with quads!), that I feel confident and comfortable at Good Sam (which is where I will deliver) with the nurse and PPA coverage there, a good time to go into the hospital is 3:00AM in the morning (no traffic on the roads and I think I was their only patient for a while ;) ) and to feel blessed that right now, I am NOT in the hospital. Praise God for that! And hopefully, it won't be for a while until I need to go in to the hospital for a lengthy stay, like when it's time for me to deliver :)

Hope you had a restful Saturday evening/Sunday morning and got lots of sleep. We are all beat and heading for our pillows!!


Jen said...

What a night! I'm so glad that everything is okay. That must have been so scary. Praise God that he was there to provide the amazing care at the hospital, and while you were at home. You are so blessed in having such wonderful boys, Jared and Paul are going to be such good men of the house of 5 women. :o) Our prayers are still with you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the's not fun. I would ALWAYS get 3 shots of it in a row. Thankfully you were able to come home and rest comfortably. Praying for you all!!!!

Amy K.

Anonymous said...

Praying for your it today???

Amy K.

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