Saturday, January 19, 2008


I finally finished sewing up some receiving blankets for the quads this past week. Yay! I made 16 blankets total, 4 for each girl. Whew! I got started on making these when our old neighbor and friend, Amy K, and I made some when we were pregnant at the same time. She made some for her twin girls and I made some for Jared (pssst, Jared still likes using his blankets :) ). Since then, I've made some and given them to friends or family as baby gifts.

Well, with these girls, I wanted to make some for them. I had some flannel fabrics I had purchased a while back. So my friend, Karen, sewed those up for me. Then, I went to Joann's one time with my mom and they had some of their flannel prints on sale. Well, I couldn't resist so I purchased several yards of different kinds of prints. And now, they are sewed up and finished. Just in time too ;) I don't know if I could sit at my sewing machine and sew now. I get very sore and tired so easily now. Plus, it's best if I just lie down and relax now.
Here are some pictures of the of the stack of them (all 16)
Close-ups of some of my favorite prints...a purple stripe
Pink shoes print
Pink and green bugs and butterflies
Purple and pink dragonflies
Yellow and pink stripes
And I think my ultimate favorite, pink sheep :)
I posted some pictures of the nurseries (in progress) at our website, under "The Quads" and "Second Trimester."

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Anonymous said...

Darling blankets and I know the little ladies will love being bundled up and snuggled together. The twins still have a few of theirs I made as well, but Mocha chewed up the 2 I have to him as a puppy. ;o(

Amy K.

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