Saturday, January 05, 2008

6 months today!

Today marks 6 months (or 24 weeks) of this pregnancy with the quadruplets. We can't believe it! So far, so good! Praise God! We’ve had some scares over these last 6 months but all seems to be well now. The uterine clot that put me on bed rest from 12 weeks to 18 weeks hasn’t caused any more trouble. My last ultrasound on Thursday showed that either the clot is gone or it’s been overshadowed by the fast growing babies. My doctors are not concerned about the clot. Now, they are concerned in watching me and any signs of pre-term labor or pre-eclampsia. No strict bed rest for now but my doctors say to take it easy. It’s more of a “self-induced” bed rest :)

I continue to go in to my doctors on a weekly basis. With the uterine activity monitor, daily blood pressure checks and my weekly appointments, my doctors are watching for any signs of pre-term labor or pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure remains to be good, ~ 118/60. I have had little to no contractions, which is another huge blessing. I'm trying to eat as much as I can. Although, it's difficult when your uterus is up to your ribs, your ribs cut off eating and breathing abilities and then heartburn kicks in. Ha! I have the look and all of the ailments of a full-term (40 week) singleton pregnancy.

We appreciate all of your prayers and can see how they have been answered by God. Please continue to pray for us. Pray for me and the babies; that God would continue to keep me and the girls healthy and strong. It will be one of two things that will push us to deliver, either pre-term labor or pre-eclampsia. I don’t know which of the two evils will force me to deliver but I pray that it won’t happen for several more weeks. We hope that my body and the babies can make it for 10 more weeks, or 34 weeks. That would be SO awesome!! But in any case, we pray that no matter what/when it happens everyone will be healthy. Pray for Paul as he’s been the task manager around the house. Pray for peace and patience for him. Pray that we would both love and support one another and that God would strengthen our marriage in this. Pray for Jared. Pray that we would continue to spend quality time with him and remember to take care of his needs. Pray for consistency in Jared’s life.

Some interesting things about multiples (from Dr. Barbara Luke's book "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, Or Quads" --
  • The growth of multiples basically parallels that of a singleton
  • Multiples generally develop slightly faster than singletons do
  • Multiples' lungs, in particular, tend to be ready sooner to deal with the challenges of the world outside of the womb
  • Identical twins tend to be lighter than fraternals (except for ours, whom seem to be bigger than the fraternals)
  • And with quadruplets on board, a woman's uterus reaches full-term size as early as 24 weeks
  • At 24 weeks, a singleton mom's uterus is the size of a ball about 20 inches around (think a football). A 24 week twin mom's uterus is the size of a basketball, or 30 inches around. A 24 week triplet mom's uterus is the size of a smallish beach ball, or 33 inches around. A 24 week quadruplet mom's uterus is the size of an average beach ball, or 36 inches around -- in other words, full-term size!

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