Saturday, December 08, 2007

2 to 3 months left - Ack!!!!

Well, I guess if I were only carrying a singleton today would be the half way mark for me. I turn 20 weeks pregnant today. But no half way for me. I figure we have 2 to 3 months left until these babies could be born. Oh my, oh my! Everyone asks me "so, when are you due" or "what's your due date?" Well, um, er, uh, that's sort of hard to say. Techincally, my due date isn't until the end of April 2008, like 4/26/08. However....quads are delivered much earlier than the 40 week gestation (yeah, like my body or any other woman's body could go to 40 weeks with quads. I think the body would literally burst by then ;) ). The quads could be delivered as early as mid-February (30 weeks) or around mid-March (34 weeks). My docs and I are shootin' for 34 weeks. That would be SO awesome to make it until then!! I read about a family from Georgia, the Malone Quads (there's also another quad blog I check out, The Murrays from Indiana), that delivered quad boys here in Phx this past summer at 34 weeks. Oh yes! The babies weighed in between 4 and 5 lbs. Oh, to have four babies born around 5 lbs!! That would be a huge blessing and miracle!

We continue to pray that God keeps holding up this body of mine for the next few months. I was just praying the other night, before falling asleep, that "God, you've got to do this! I can't do this." and "Nothing is impossible with you, Jesus" and "It's all you Lord!" And it is all Him! We pray that He would continue to grow these baby girls and keep them healthy and strong. We also pray for His peace these last few months and peace and patience when the babies arrive ('cause you know that's going to be a whirlwind ;) And we'll need to rely on Him!).


The Murray Crew said...

YEAH! We found each other! I found you last night (not sure when you found me). =) We quad mamas stick like glue! I'd love to be a resource for you...just let me know what I can do. No advice on raising girls, though! You are doing AMAZING! Keep cookin' - it's soooo worth everyday! said...

I have the advice on raising girls....have Paul read, She Calls Me Daddy by Paul Wolgemuth now while he still has the time! It's the girls version of Raising Boys by Dobson. ;o) Pray, breathe, pray, breathe and pray some more! My girls share an amazing bond and I pray that it will continue on through the teenage years and beyond.

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