Thursday, November 01, 2007

Whrrr! Fire Fighters to the Rescue!

This Halloween, Jared dressed up as a fire fighter. I think he loved the costume! What he probably loved more, though, was all the candy he got from trick-or-treating with Dad last evening. Jared's bag is heavy laden with LOTS of candy. Hope he'll share some with Mama and Dada ;)

Thanks to a good friend of ours from church, we were able to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. She came over and manned the door for me, since I was stuck on the sofa. Plus, it was fun for me to have a friend to talk with in between the door bells :)

That's about all of the pictures for Halloween this year. I didn't even get to decorate our house or carve a pumpkin with Jared :( Oh well. Hopefully, we'll have some (okay, maybe one) decorations up for Thanksgiving or Christmas. You've got to have at least the tree up! That will brighten each day for me :)
Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! Boo ;) !

1 comment:

amy said...

very cute! looks like fun!

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