Friday, November 02, 2007

Plumbing Check

Well, this morning I went in to see a urologist and yesterday I had a renal ultrasound. My perinatologist requested these appointments for me as I apparently had the wonderful experience of having kidney stones 2.5 weeks ago :P Praise God that the kidney stones passed quickly (within 3 days) and the pain was fairly tolerable! First, we thought it was a UTI but all tests came back negative for that. Somehow, for some strange reason, it turned out to be kidney stones.

So, my renal ultrasound and visit with the urologist revealed that everything looks good. My right kidney (which, BTW, was the side where the pain was) is swollen a bit but the urologist said that is common with pregnancy. My remedy for future stones? Drink LOTS of H2O and follow a diet to reduce the chance of stones occurring again. Although, he said (and I've read about this too) that once you have kidney stones you're more susceptible of having them again. Great :P

For my next trick, I have an appointment for an echocardiogram...

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amy said...

glad to hear your doing ok. i had kidney "sand" (my stones weren't really big enough to be called stones) and that was uncomfortable enough for me. sorry you had to endure that. we'll add that to our maria prayer list: no more stones! :)
keep up the good work!

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