Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It is Official!

Yes, we are having ALL FOUR GIRLS! I had my BIG level II fetal measurements ultrasound yesterday and the tech said "girl" to all of the babies. Wow! Now, it's time to come up with 8 girl names ;)

The ultrasound went well. HUGE praises to God for taking care of me and these four babies. I am just amazed at how good and perfect God! He is the only one that is making this happen! All of the measurements on the babies were perfect. It was crazy what we could see from the ultrasound...four-chamber hearts, the pulmonary arteries, the kidneys, the bladders and stomachs (all full and working, which the tech said was a good sign), etc., etc. We also got measurements of their heads, abdomens and femur bones. With these measurements, the tech said "babies A, B (the identicals) and C (one of the fraternals) are all growing ahead of you, about a week ahead. baby C is growing in step with you." Wow, it's sounds like they might be big babies just like big brother is ;) Jared was always growing ahead of me, sometimes almost 4 weeks ahead. Paul asked the tech "wow, I would have figured that them being quads would mean they would be growing slower or smaller??" She said "nope. they grow at the same rate as a singleton. it's just that they don't stay in-utero as long as a singleton." That's just amazing!

My body is still doing well, housing and nurturing these four wiggly babies (and boy, were they wiggly at the ultrasound - ha!) When I do get up and walk around, I can definitely feel the aches and pains. It feels like when I was 35 weeks pregnant with Jared :)

We have picture printouts from the ultrasound but there are so many of them. I think we have 16 pictures and I think I heard the tech say she took over 100 snapshots during the ultrasound...and she took some more after a break we took. It's just a lot of babies and baby parts to look at :)

Thanks for your continued prayers. They are truly evident to us!

P.S. From the poll we posted on our blog, 2 people (16%) said it will be 4 boys, 1 person (8%) said 4 girls, 1 person (8%) said 2 girls and 2 boys, 6 people (50%) said 3 boys and 1 girl and 2 people (16%) said 3 girls and 1 boy. I believe Amy K won the gender poll, with her vote of 4 girls. What do you win Amy? Some lovely baby sitting time helping us with the girls ;) Hee hee!

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Dave and Stephanie said...

Maria, Here's the website of some quintuplets that my sister-in-law has helped in Austin. It's fun to look and see what life is like with that many babies and I always think of you. Just thought you might enjoy looking at it.:)

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