Friday, October 12, 2007

Wiggle, baby, wiggle!

Yesterday, I had my first OB appointment with Phx Perinatal Associates, or nicknamed "PPA." It was a very good appointment. It was long but I didn't notice the time. I just noticed how thorough and how I was well cared for.

I got to see the babies again! No pics this time, though. They are getting big! I still can't help laughing when I see all of them moving and wiggling in my tummy. They are too cute! The doc said some moms can distinguish between one baby moving versus another. That is crazy! They all looked well. I go back to PPA in two weeks for another check up.

I asked the doc where the fundus (or top of the uterus) is. She said around my navel but not above. I think I can definitely feel it! She said "it's like you have a 20 week pg singleton uterus." Wow! But there's a lot of baby and life support in that uterus of mine so I can understand the size ;)

Also, we finally told Jared the news on him being a very big brother. He is excited! He just gasped when I told him I have babies in my tummy, that they are his brothers and sisters and that he's going to be a BIG brother to them. He loved hearing the news. He had to go tell Dad right away..."Dada! Mama has babies in her tummy!" He also wanted to call our best friends, the Murphys, and tell my friend, Karen, the news. Ha! We called and told Grammie (my mom) the news. He's been very sweet. We know he will be the best big brother ever!

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