Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update on the clot

I went in today for a follow-up ultrasound on the uterine clot we found last week. I am happy to say that the clot looks much's smaller, it's breaking down (maybe almost 100% broken down!) and is now composed of blood serum(?) that is responsible for the breaking down of the clot. Yay!! Praise God! Looks like the bed rest is doing something ;)

This doesn't mean I am allowed to be off of bed rest. I still need to be on bed rest. The clot is still there and we still want it to go away completely. So keep praying for that!

All of the babies look wonderful...nice and big for their gestation, great heartbeats and lots of movement. Don't know their genders yet (I know EVERYONE wants to know this already - ha!). I can't really feel their movements yet, or at least something that is distinguishable. They say that will probably happen around 16 to 17 weeks. I'd like to try to post some ultrasound pics of the babies online but I'll have to get Paul's help to get them scanned to my laptop.

I go back to my peri in two weeks (~15.5 weeks pregnant) for another ultrasound check-up on the clot. Then, I think I start going in to the docs every week - whew! We'll also start monitoring the identical twins for the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (watching the amniotic fluid levels and the babies' growth) around 16.5 weeks. Then the week after Thanksgiving I have my BIG 18 week level II ultrasound to measure all fetal structures and look for any abnormalities. They said this level II ultrasound should take 2 hours. Wow, that's a long time ;)

Thanks again for your prayers! Keep praying for us...all 7 of us!!


Dawn said...

Great news!!! Keep up the good work, Mom!

amy said...

so glad to hear things are improving and headed in the right direction. we're praying for you and the family. you can do it! we're cheering for ya!

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