Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Quad Equipment

Paul and I have been busy doing research on what "equipment" we'll need to handle these four babies. So far, we are looking at:

  • Getting a bigger vehicle. Unfortunately, our Ody won't handle the four infant carriers (plus any strollers, bags, etc.) :( We borrowed a friend's infant carrier and ours to try and see if having two or three carriers in a row would fit and they just won't work. We looked at a Suburban, an Expedition and even an Excurison. They won't work either, as there is not enough room between the two rows to fit the carriers or even a rear-facing convertible car seat. So...guess what we're looking at now? Yes, those big 12 or 15 passenger vans! At first I thought "no way am I driving that!" but I have warmed up to the idea of having one. They have lots of room, for carriers and for baby "accessories," and lots of easy access to put everyone into it. We are looking at the Chevy Express Passenger van. It will be big and feel like driving a boat :P but everyone can fit into it and we won't be breaking our backs putting kids in.
  • Strollers. We've looked at some quad strollers. Although, thinking about it I don't think I'd be able to go out alone with the Quads and Jared :P I'd need someone to come with me for help and for sanity ;) The quad strollers are big, not that great and very expensive. So, we are thinking about getting two double strollers that accommodate the infant carriers.
  • Feeding table for quads. Okay, this is Paul's idea now ;) There is a company that makes a table with built-in high chairs. The manufacturer says it's a life saver for Moms of multiples. Here it is. Personally, I have not bought into this. It looks good in theory but it also looks like a hassle. Too big to place anywhere in a kitchen, looks like Mom is too far away from the kids to feed them and then I can see the kids messing and playing with each other while eating, as the seats look close together. Perhaps getting four of those restaurant high chairs would work? But, we'll see if we really need this table or not.

Oh, there are a lot more things we are looking at for quads, e.g. more cribs, swings, bouncers, infant carriers, etc. Just these are the oddest things we are coming across right now ;)


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Yeah...I vote no on the quad table. That will kind of exclude you all sitting down together and leaving Jared feeling like he does not have a special place to sit. ;o( I would go with these
not too much expense and they will last you well into the toddler years. We never had high chairs for the twins. Then the family can still all sit around the table together. Just my 2 cents! I vote yes for the van and 2 double strollers. Our quad stroller if you remember was terribly heavy and I'm sure you will always have help wherever you go. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Grandpa says buy a "School bus"I could help get a good price on one.And because it is for privte use,you can paint any color you like!!!!

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