Saturday, October 13, 2007

Going once...going twice...SOLD!

I am sad to report that our Honda Ody is gone (sniff, sniff) :( It was an awesome mini-van! Yes, I think I got a little attached to it ;) It is a crazy story how it got sold. It all happened so quickly. I think he listed it last Thursday evening on Craigslist, a couple called him Friday about it, they came out last Saturday to look at and test drive it and then just this past Tuesday we met them at their bank for payment. Wow! We sold a vehicle in less than a week! Hey, it’s all in God’s timing so he must have thought now is better than later to get it sold.

So, we were a one-car family for a week. Although, now we have a new set of wheels. Check this out ;)

Yup, we are the proud owners of a Chevy 12-passenger van. I think I'm going to lovingly call it "the behemoth." ;) Do you think we have enough room to fit Paul, Jared, me and the Quads in this vehicle? Ha! Yeah, we'll even have a little room to spare...but barely as we'll probably have a lot of baby accessories in the back, e.g. strollers, bags, etc.

Here are some more pics of it...

The driver side view

The front view

The inside front seats

There are two side doors, one on the passenger side...

and another on the driver's side

We decided it's probably better (and easier) to get the passenger van now versus later, like when I'm on bed rest, in the hospital or after the babies come. Again, I think God's timing was perfect in this!

We'll be looking like the church vans you see driving around...or the Super Shuttle vans. So, if you see a big white van, think of us - ha! ;)


Nikki said...

Good to see that Paul made it back from Denver .... I hate driving in Denver traffic now that we went through it! The van looks nice!

Anonymous said...

do you suppose you could fit 6 honda CRX's in there? I really liked the CRX for how small it was. but, I guess you can't have that forever and hauld kidlets around.


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