Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day weekend! We have no plans whatsoever, probably because it's been so hot recently and so it hurts to even step outside. It's been 110+ degrees - blech!

Jared desperately wants to go either play baseball, to mow the grass (as you know, he's a die-hard mower ;) ), to go to the park, to ride his scooter or just to go outside to go outside. So we've been telling the guy that it has to get cooler in order to go outside. Just this morning he said to us with enthusiasm, "mama, it's cooler now!" I had to break the news to him that it was only 8:00 in the morning and so it's just a little cooler, like 90 degrees. Poor guy :( Although, this kind of weather does lend itself opportunities to swim in our pool, which we just did last evening with Grammy and Tyler. So, that should be a good compromise, right? :)

Can't wait until it's late October. Ah, the cooler weather will be so awesome! Plus, we have a trip to Flag planned so that will be fun.

Well, everyone have a good three-day-weekend! Have fun!!

P.S. How is it September already?! Man, time flies!!

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