Friday, September 28, 2007

Jared's Intuition

I had to post about this. First off, we haven't "officially" told Jared that I am pregnant, let along pregnant with quads. But...I do know he hears us talk about them, "the babies," and others do ask him about being a big brother. So, maybe he is catching on to this on his own. Who knows.

Anyways, just last evening before dinner Jared was walking around talking to some imaginary friends of his, which he does from time to time. He said to us "Mama, my friends (he points to the open space next to himself) want to go to the park." I said "Really?" He says "Uh huh." I then ask him (don't know what prompted me to ask him this, maybe the Lord?) "Can I ask, how many friends do you have?" Get this, he says "Four." Wow! My eyes widen and look at Paul. I then say "Really? Who are they?" Then Jared replies with "My brothers." Again, wow!! I look at Paul again and Paul gives me a shrug like "Well, he does listen to us talk about this."

I was just blown away by this, especially since we haven't sat him down to talk about this big change coming. We will, though, very soon. I know he gets the concept of babies being in big bellies, but he also applies that idea to men with beer bellies - ha! And I really don't know if he will understand having FOUR babies in one belly. Sometimes lately, I still don't understand it myself ;) But I do think once the babies are bigger and moving around where he can feel them move, that it will become a bit more real. I also think I might sit down with him and together we'll look at the baby development in my "What to Expect" book. Maybe that will help too?

Just thought I'd share this :)

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The Kaylor Kastle said...

I told Dr. McCluskey yesterday about you having quads. She was stunned to say the least. She thought I must have made having twins look easy to you guys..she said..."didn't they learn from you and Todd???" Anyhow, she was wonderful as ever!

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