Thursday, September 20, 2007

3 + 4 = 7!!!!!!!

Okay, the news is spreading fast. Well, we have some good news to share with everyone. After a long struggle, we are happy to say that we are pregnant again! Yay! We are so excited and feel so blessed. To add to this news, we found out that we are expecting QUADS! Wow! Yes, this was a shock for us (and we’re still trying to get over that shock) but we are excited for this. We knew quads were a possibility but it was so remote, like a 1 to 3% chance. We had a higher chance of not getting pregnant, at 50%. So, we know this is all God.

As of today, I am 8.5 (9 on Saturday) weeks along in the pregnancy. I've already had two ultrasounds. The first time we saw 4 heartbeats and 4 sacs. Well, this last time we almost got to see 5 babies! As it turns out, 2 of the babies were in one sac (are identical). That immediately scared us. Then, we saw another baby in it's own sac (fraternal). And then the fourth baby is in another sac on it's own (another fraternal). That makes 3 sacs but where did the fourth sac go? Well, from this last and current ultrasound, it looks like it is vanishing. It is small, malformed and we didn't see any heartbeats or babies in it. Paul and I are definitely good with 4 babies :P

All of the babies look great! They are all about 1-inch long. They have heartbeats ~170 to 185, which is perfect. We don't know if they are boys or girls but I am sure I'll have lots of ultrasounds that will reveal that information soon enough. I’ll need to gain a lot of weight (as much as 75 lbs. total!) as soon as possible. I think I need to gain 45 lbs. within the next 2.5 or 3 months. Yikes! But from what I’ve read, the weight really helps the babies come out big and healthy. I hope so!

My "official" due date is April 26 but quads are delivered MUCH earlier, as in 32 weeks vs. 40. 32 weeks would make them March babies (just like Jared ;) ). I REALLY hope I make it to 32 weeks or later. The longer the better for the babies! Also, I could go on bed rest as soon as 18 weeks (or around Thanksgiving time) and I could be hospitalized.

I begin seeing a perinatologist, an OB who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, next week. Phoenix has one of the best perinatal groups in the country (PPA), possibly the world. Women pregnant with multiples come here to Phx just to be delivered by this group. That gives me lots of comfort.

As you've read, this is exciting but also can be overwhelming and dangerous. Please pray for us with this pregnancy…for my health, the babies and their health, for Paul & Jared!!

Oh, I am also going to update our website with a "The Quads" page. You can check that out for any updates, pictures (there's already an ultrasound picture there :D ) and progress. I will try to post here on our Blog too.


Nicole said...

Congratulations on being pregnant! What an exciting thing to be pregnant with 4 babies! We'll keep you in our prayers that everything goes good throughout your pregnancy. Don't forget to keep us North Dakotans informed on whats going on with the pregnacy. We'll be seeing you shortly!

The California Nicole said...

WOW, you guys have gone through so much over the past couple years that this makes it all worth it! Everything will be great!! I'm so excited for you guy... It will be chaos for sure but you will love every second of it! Jared will make the best big brother too! Thanks for keeping us updated-I've been checking every day for the details since mom couldn't quite articulate everything. Good luck, we'll be thinking of you!! P.S. I gained 70 pounds with just Kellen alone and it wasn't as bad as it sounds. :) Take care!!!

tammy jorgenson said...

congratulations on the quads iill keep you in my prayers that everything goes ok and see you soon cant wait i have something for jared

Nicole said...

Check out this site for help with those eight names ....

You can put in your last name and the genie will come up with a first and middle name ... and you can keep clicking until you find something you like. Be sure to read what the genie says sometimes too because it can get pretty funny!

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