Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bowling Maniac

Tonight we went out with some friends of ours from church for some bowling. We had ten of us on two lanes. Jared bowled in our lane and had a blast! He was a maniac about bowling, asking everyone if he could bowl for them. Of course our friends said "yes"...he's too cute to say "no" to ;) What was a surprise was Jared did great at bowling. He picked up several spares for us! Our friends kept asking us "has he ever bowled before?" It was cute seeing him bowl too. He would carry the ball (either a 6 or 7 lb.) down to the lane, sit at the edge of the lane's line and push the ball down the lane. We all cheered loudly when he knocked down some pins. He loved it! It was like he was on cloud nine. He gave everyone a high five when he bowled and would say "I win!" Yes he did :) He's our social little guy who's the next USBC champ - ha!

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