Sunday, August 19, 2007

World Traveler

Jared will be getting his very own passport in the future! We might be doing some traveling into Canada so we thought it might be good for him to get a passport now. It sounds, and feels, strange to be getting a three-year-old a passport but apparently everyone needs a passport. We filled out the passport application (for a three-year-old?) and Paul got Jared his passport pictures taken the other night (again, for a three-year-old???). It will be funny to finally get Jared's passport. Now, he can travel the world ;)

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Done!

Yay, our landscape project is done! Woo hoo! We are absolutely pleased with how well it turned out. No more plants that we dislike, plants too big for certain areas and plants that took over our yards. We have more grass for Jared to play on. We have a nice pavered sidewalk to walk on instead of trudging through lots of rock. We love the new patio and the trees and plantings. The huge boulders and mounding give our yards more character. Well...there's just lots that we like about it now :) We can't wait for the cooler months in which we can fully enjoy our new outdoors!

More pictures of the finished product are at our website, under "House" and "Re-Landscaping."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bowling Maniac

Tonight we went out with some friends of ours from church for some bowling. We had ten of us on two lanes. Jared bowled in our lane and had a blast! He was a maniac about bowling, asking everyone if he could bowl for them. Of course our friends said "yes"...he's too cute to say "no" to ;) What was a surprise was Jared did great at bowling. He picked up several spares for us! Our friends kept asking us "has he ever bowled before?" It was cute seeing him bowl too. He would carry the ball (either a 6 or 7 lb.) down to the lane, sit at the edge of the lane's line and push the ball down the lane. We all cheered loudly when he knocked down some pins. He loved it! It was like he was on cloud nine. He gave everyone a high five when he bowled and would say "I win!" Yes he did :) He's our social little guy who's the next USBC champ - ha!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Our green space

The landscapers have positioned all of our plants and trees in the yards today. It looks so beautiful! They already put some of them in the ground but still have a lot left to do. Here is what we/the landscapers have left to do...
  • finish planting the rest of the plants and trees in the yards
  • pull drip irrigation hoses to all of the plantings and put the correct, e.g. 1, 2 or 5 gph, drippers on the ends of the hose
  • install the colored concrete curbing around the grass areas in the back yard
  • deliver and install ~17 tons! of 3/4" screened granite rocks
  • deliver and install 750 sq. ft. of Bob Sod for the back yard. The existing grass is Bob Sod and we LOVE it. It is weed free, has no seed heads, is so lush and green and feels so good in between your toes ;)
  • install the natural gas line for the BBQ

We are so happy with how our yards are turning out. We'll try to take lots of pictures of the finished product. It would also be cool to take pictures of it in a year or two from now, to see how the plants and trees grow and fill out. Most, if not all, of our plants have flowers and some of them even bloom in the winter and summer. How cool is that? Ah! Gardening is so fun!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Landscape In Progress

Well, our landscape project is going well. Our paver load has been depleted and replaced with big boulders. These boulders will go in specific areas in the yards. We also got a couple of loads of our plantings and trees.

We love how the paver work turned out. They did an excellent job! We can't wait to see how the rest of the yards will turn out :)

More pictures of the progress is at our website, under "House" and "Re-Landscaping."
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