Thursday, July 19, 2007


Well, tonight after dinner Jared and I baked a cake, a birthday cake for Paul. Jared loves to be my helper, or as I like to call him my sous chef ;) , in the kitchen. Last time we baked together, we made a peach and blueberry cobbler. That was yummy! Tonight he did a great job, lightly beating the eggs, pouring flours and buttermilk into bowls, squeezing out lemon juice, turning the mixer on and off, mixing the batter with the spatula. But I think the best part of all for him is to LICK THE SPOON. Ha! Yes, while we were mixing the batter in my stand mixer, he kept asking me "can I have a lick now?" I kept telling him "not yet, but soon." Later he'd ask again "can I have a lick now?" and I'd reply with "not yet, Jared, but soon." He was very patient with me (even singing one of his kids Christian songs about patience, too cute!). When it was finally time to lick the spoon, he got so excited. Paul asked him "which part of baking with Mom do you like best?" His answer, "licking the spoon!" Cute!

As far as the cake, Paul and I watched an episode of "America's Test Kitchen" that was all about citrus desserts. On the episode, they made a lemon bundt cake. So, when I asked Paul "what kind of birthday cake would you like to have this year?" he told me "you know, I think I'd like that lemon bundt cake that was on ATK." So that is what is currently cooling on our counter right now. It smells very yummy!! Can't wait to have a piece of it with a side of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

We're going to celebrate Paul's birthday a little early this year. That means we get to bite into this tastey treat tomorrow or sometime this weekend. I know Paul can't wait :)

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