Monday, July 02, 2007

"What I like" by Jared P.

I thought I'd list what Jared likes lately...
  • Bob the Builder (we try to Tivo it from PBS)
  • The Berenstain Bears (also from PBS)
  • Swimming, or as he likes to say "take a dip in the pool," either in our pool or Hamilton Aquatic Center
  • Playing on his computer. He will go to the Sesame Street website and play the educational games there. We also have a set of Jump Start Preschool CDs that he likes playing with too.
  • Playing in his room with his "Cars" cars. He must have almost every car character from the movie, e.g. Lightin' McQueen, Doc, Mater, Sally, Guido, Ramone, etc. It's cute to see him take them out, build garages and buildings for them and play pretend. We also have a Matchbox semi-truck that he uses to be Mack from the movie and we have a couple of tractors that he will use for "tractor tippin' ". And in case you don't know what in the world we are talking about, just go see the movie ;)
  • Being a (and I quote from Jared) "Big Boy, Three Years Old!"
  • Reading stories, either by himself or with Mom and Dad
  • Eating at Chick-fil-A. And if the Cow is there, he likes going up to it and giving it a hug.
  • Talking about "getting married again" (or our trip to ND)
  • Singing along to his kids music. He'll even sing a capella with Mom and Dad
  • Praying. Mom and Dad love that!!
  • Talking to anyone and everyone on the phone
  • Putting on his scrubbies and working with Mom and Dad outside in the yards

And what do Mom and Dad like? Giving our big boy big hugs and kisses because he is so sweet and precious!!

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