Monday, July 23, 2007


Okay, I thought I'd post another cute thing Jared's been doing.

Another word that Jared has become accustomed to saying is "delicious." The first time we heard this was when we were over at our friends, John and Julia Martin, for a 4th of July dinner. After dinner, Julia came out with some homemade brownies for dessert. We all sat down and were eating some. It was then that I heard Jared say to Paul "dada, these brownies are delicious" (and he said it like "dewishous" Ha!) Paul then said to Jared, "well, why don't you tell Miss Julia that." So, Jared got up, walked over to Julia and said "Miss Julia, these brownies are delicious! Thank you for making them!" Ha! Julia was surprised by Jared's compliment, laughed and said "you're welcome Jared." Now, we've heard him comment on how "dewishous" other foods are ;)

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