Friday, June 29, 2007

Sing along

Do you like sing alongs? Or singing along with songs? Well, Jared does. Lately, he's into singing along with his "kids music" in the van. We have several CDs in the van's player and Jared loves to ride in the van, singing along. Paul and I just noticed Jared doing this a couple of weeks ago. And Jared knows all of the words to the songs. Then, just the other day, we noticed him reading along with us at storytime. Paul said "When did this happen? Did you know that he does this?!" I said "No, it's new to me." It's very cute! There's a lot going on in our little boy's head :)

1 comment:

tammy jorgenson said...

howdy there i got one of those cds for my godchild too she loves to listen and sing by the way i start a new job monday im working for walmart

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