Saturday, June 16, 2007

Demo...not a "democrat" or "a demonstration," but as in "an act or instance of demolishing"

There has been a lot of demo'ing going on at our house. We decided to completed tear out and redo our front and back landscapes. We've spent several days ripping out the plants and trees in our yards, redo'ing the drip irrigation system and shoveling tons of dirt and granite rocks.

We're also tearing out the concrete patio in the back. As of today, we have a dirt patio :) We had someone come out and jackhammer out our concrete patio. It was loud! Jared thoroughly enjoyed watching the three men tear it out. I think he wanted to go out and join them ;) Our plan is to put in the pretty colored concrete paverstones, like these. We already have a pavered walkway and patio in the front. We are going to keep it consistent and have the same pavers for a sidewalk along the south side of our house and an all-pavered back patio. It is going to look so cool! We're also going to replace all of the plants we pulled out with new ones, ones we like, are easier to maintain and will produce lots of pretty flowers.

Off to more demo work. Anyone wanting to help out (remember, it's 110 degrees outside) can feel free to give us a call and come on over to work :P

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